Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Sifa's finished Tivaevae

My mother in law is very handy with a needle and embroidery thread.  The ladies at her church cut out the design, the backing sheet/s (depending on the size of the design) and get the matching thread.  


Too much fun going on here

Al always seems to go the best places while I'm at work

Double Duty

You know when you get to the end of the week and their a heaps of leftovers in the fridge and you think farg! what to do?! as there's never quite enough of anything to make anything.  I had one such week and then that familiar light bulb went off in my head - Quiche, and of course you have to have something to go with it - Apple Pie....muahahahahaha

I had some pastry sheets left over and decided to use them up - worked well on the quiche but not so much on the apple pie.  Note to self - don't take shortcuts when dealing with pastry

Little Miss and her cupcakes

Little Miss A wanted to bake some  cupcakes for her Nana but after they were done she didn't want to share them after  She is become quite the baker and she already doing what the judges say on Master Chef - taste, taste, taste; no mixing spoon or whisk or beater prongs is left unlicked when she's around.

Alan's Birthday in May

Its a long standing tradition in our family that everyone gets a cake on their birthday, this year I thought Al deserved a very large cupcake for his. Little Miss A thought it was her birthday too - hmmmmm, lol.

It was made using a silicon mold purchased through Avon last year and this was only the second time I had used it. 

Mothers Day Lunch at PIC Henderson

It was really nice to be a part of this Mothers Day celebrating that, there was so much food we could have stayed there for a few days and still had leftovers.  There are some awesome cooks amongst the church ladies and my little offering didn't even compare to huge variety of foods on offer.

I made banana cupcakes with buttercream icing and marshmallow fondant hearts on the top 

Absent Blogger

A friend asked me recently why I hadn't updated my blog and I really didn't have a good enough answer